Video Production Services
Philadelphia PA

Production: Where all the pre-production planning comes together.

This is where all the hard work and energy of the Pre-Production process pays off.  Prime To Go can bring together all of the crew, talent, camera and lighting equipment that is needed for your project. We can provide these service in Philadelphia or anywhere around the world. 

What video production services can we provide at PrimeToGo?

set design

Set Design

Set Design is to identify a design style for sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles and costumes, while working closely with the director and producer.The set designer’s job is to design these physical surroundings in which the action will take place. The overall look of the set also gives the audience information about the director’s concept of the production.
studio shooting

Studio Shooting

Simply, Studio Shooting means that you are shooting in the actual setting the story takes place rather than at a location. A benefit of shooting in a studio space is that the environment can be completely controlled, which is a key difference between studio and location Shooting.
light and grip

Lighting and Grip

Our Lighting and grip crew are in charge of all rigging behind the scenes. Rigging on video production means any equipment that helps to lift or hoist other equipment the grip department specializes in camera rigs and lighting rigs to achieve specific lighting techniques and effects.

still photography

Still Photography

Still photographic images specifically intended to be used in the marketing and publicity of the video we are shooting. It helps us to make Posters, Banners, and Online Thumbnails etc. 

Have a project?

From world-wide action sports programming to corporate communications, live event production to educational training, no matter the scale or location of your project, Prime To Go has the experience and resources to deliver on time and on budget.