Video Post Production Services
Philadelphia PA

Post Production: The final step to bringing your story to life.

In order for your video to truly come to life, you’ll need a cast of experienced editors, visual effects artists and sound designers. At Prime To Go, we can provide all of the above. Our editors are true story tellers that can engage, motivate, and entertain your audience.

Video Post Production services



Video editing is usually the first thing that pops into people’s heads when they hear ‘post-production’. Our creative process starts with logging the footage, importing graphics, selecting clips from the video shoot to create the first round of the story telling process. Our goal is to engage, entertain and motivate your audience. This process can be done together in person or in stages were we send the videos for your review and feedback.

color grading

Color Grading

Color-correction is a part of editing that is often not noticed but always makes a big difference to look and feel of your video. When shooting a video, chances are you will be shooting with multiple cameras and in different locations. Color-correction helps to maintain continuity and is usually done as one of the last steps of the process to make it seamless from beginning to end.

audio mixing

Audio Mixing

We offer professional audio mixing & sound design services that cater to every genre. From recording a voice over, scoring music and adding sound FX, to mixing and mastering, our audio technicians will sweeten your  final audio mix for your video to industry standards for a seamless experience.



Our foreign language translation team makes it possible for you to deliver your final video to your clients, employees, or customers anywhere in the world in their language.  
There are two major types of video translation: dubbing and subtitling; each of them requires manipulation of the original video.
As a full service production company, we have a experienced team to work with all your translation needs.

voiceover services

Foreign Language Voiceovers

If your project needs foreign language voiceovers we have access to thousands of professional voiceover artist. Whether we are producing a business presentation, an ad campaign, an e-learning module, or a product demonstration video, we can offer multiple options to match the destination of your final video.


Standards Conversion and Distribution

Different countries have different standards of playing videos or films on television. The most common is from NTSC to PAL or the other way around. This is done so television programs in one nation may be viewed in a nation with a different standard. Our post production team will take care of the conversion and quality control make sure it can be distributed properly.

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From world-wide action sports programming to corporate communications, live event production to educational training, no matter the scale or location of your project, Prime To Go has the experience and resources to deliver on time and on budget.